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Replaced cross tie retaining wall with Milsap stone in Coppell Texas

Rebuild Retaining Wall in Coppell after-min

Replaced retaining wall with Milsap stone wall in Coppell Texas.

For this project, we remove the existing retaining wall and replaced with stone.  Hauling way the previous material and significantly improving the look and value of the property.

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Rebuild Retaining Wall in Coppell after-min

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Rebuild Retaining Wall in Coppell-min

Replaced retaining wall with Milsap stone and reinstalled fence on top of new wall in Coppell.

To start, our crew carefully dug out and hauled away all of the existing material. After stabilizing the foundation, and removing the material they then rebuilt a new retaining wall using long-lasting, natural Milsap Stone. The finished project is a beautiful improvement to the homeowner’s space that will last for many, many years.

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